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If artistic creation strives for a new orientation, an intensive conversation with another person can help to discover new perspectives and ways to achieve your goal.


I always look at creative activities with neutral respect and offer many new impulses during a conversation. As a creative person, I am an active think tank and have a lot of experience in artistic and creative areas, which I would like to share with you

To support you in your very personal life situation.


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Sabine Broekmann

Art dealer since 1992


Sabine Broekmann / Creativ Coachess

"To recognize the invisible
because paths arise when talking "
Kleeblatt, Erfolg, Glück, Loesungen, Coaching
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A conversation with another person can be compared to a walk.


You go a common way but everyone looks at it with their eyes and feelings.

And so you notice the cloverleaf on the side of the path,

that the other might have overlooked.


And sometimes the companion looks more neutral at a confusing situation and sees more possible ways and solutions that lead faster to the desired goal.


Often your own thoughts go round in circles for too long, and only when you talk about them will you get more clarity and a new perspective. The spoken word is very helpful.


If your creative activities and life strive for reorientation, an interview will help you to discover new perspectives and implement long-planned projects.


A beginning of the year is always a good time to refocus your goals and wishes.

Sabine Broekmann

I have been working as an independent art dealer for 25 years .


My creative life is characterized by constant reinvention in order to take on the fast-moving zeitgeist both professionally and emotionally.


As a creative, I am an active think tank and have a lot of experience in artistic and creative areas,

which I would like to share with you to support you in your very personal life situation.


It does not matter whether you are self-taught and take the first artistic steps or whether you are already established in the art scene but strive for reorientation, whether you are thinking about starting a business idea yourself or whether you are already, but dissatisfied .


I always look at creative activity with a neutral respect and

offer you new impulses by talking about it.




I have been intensely involved in painting for over 40 years.
When I met Sabine, I had reached a point of finding a new beginning. Sabine encouraged me to keep my classic painting technique, but to change the choice of subject drastically. The inspiring discussions with Sabine have created many new paintings that astonish me and my collectors.
Karin Kugler, Frankfurt


When I met Sabine, I worked on four concepts at the same time because I couldn't make up my mind. She asked a lot of great questions in her very sensitive way and in the end I was able to answer everything myself. Sabine gave my work direction and profile, because she is still creative.
Today I work much more relaxed because I am more focused. Thanks to Sabine!
Thomas Bienert, Düsseldorf

Sabine Broekmann 

I was an amateur photographer and Sabine recommended that I have one of my photographs printed in large format so that it could be brought into reality on the computer screen . With a sure glance, she chose the most suitable photo . I then won one with this photograph
Competition and took part in a prestigious photo exhibition.
Amédé Ackermann, Neuss
I turned to Sabine during a phase in which I had lost sight of the core of my photographic work. Sabine helped me to recognize and feel the very essence of my art.
The exchange with Sabine gave me fresh access to my photography and made me find my focus again. And not only that: she encouraged me to leave present presentation channels. This gave rise to a concept for a planned exhibition that I would not have considered without her suggestion.
With great empathy, a lot of experience and creative curiosity, Sabine generates an impulsive, inspiring atmosphere in which essences can show up and new perspectives become possible.
Susanne Reinert, Düsseldorf
Artist at Work



Subject-related intensive discussion and analysis of image material via email

45 min I € 50 incl. 19% VAT

payable by bank transfer or PayPal after the interview



+49 177 7228988

"It always gets a little different when you pronounce it."

Hermann Hesse

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we can talk about it.


Sabine Broekmann

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